Brewery Weekend

Throughout the year from Fridays to Sundays for groups of 10 or more persons. A weekend full of history of Speyer and masterly brewing. 2 overnight stays with breakfast. [url=/promotions/brewery-weekend][b]MORE INFO  [/b][/url]

2000 años de la historia de Speyer

A 3-day stay with visit of the historical museum and guided tour through Speyer. Throughout the year from Fridays to Sundays, for groups of 10 persons or more. [url=/promotions/2000-years-of-the-history-of-speyer][b]MORE INFO  [/b][/url]

Protesta de Speyerer en 1529

On this arrangement go back in time to the world of the protestation in 1529. [url=/promotions/speyerer-protestation-in-1529][b]MORE INFO  [/b][/url]