Domhof Conference Centre

Our professional Conference Centre with a flexible spatial concept and modern equipment offers you the best opportunities for a successful conference or meeting. [b]You can choose between the following rooms:[/b] [list] [*]Schwabensaal 46 m² [*]Habsburgersaal 65 m² (seperable) [*]Saliersaal 110 m² (seperable) [*]Barbarossasaal 142 m² [/list] Please contact us for further information: 06232 1329-0 We offer the following rates: [b]Daily rate for groups of 10 or more[/b] For participants with overnight stay, per person per day: 18,00 € For participants without overnight stay, per person per day: 33,00 € [b]Conference materials[/b] Overhead projector, screen, flip charts with paper and pencils, pinboards, tv, slide projector, WiFi, microphone, speaker's desk and presentation equipment Projector per day: 39,00 € [b]Framework Programs[/b] [list] [*]Beer-tasting: 3 beers 0,3 litres (light, dark and wheat-beer) with freshly baked pretzels. [list] [*]per person: 8,60 € [/list] [*]Guided tour through the Cathedral of Speyer; for groups of 10 or more, duration: 45 minutes. [list] [*]Price on request. [/list] [*]Guided tour through Speyer with its sightseeing spots, including free entry for the 'Altpörtel' and 'Judenbad'. [list] [*]Lump sum for groups up to 25 persons; duration: 90-110 minutes: 79,00 € [/list] [*]Visit or/and guided tour of the historical museum. [list] [*]Price on request. [/list] [*]Visit of the technical museum of Speyer with entry to the IMAX theatre. [list] [*]Price on request. [/list] [*]Boat trip along the Rhine with the ship 'Pfälzer Land' or 'MSS SeaLife'. [list] [*]Price on request. [/list] [*]Events in the waterskiing school Speyer (Jet ski renting, power boat, sailing by yacht). [list] [*]Price on request. [/list] [*]SeaLife Tour. [list] [*]Price on request. [/list] [*]Combined guided tour through Speyer and the cathedral treasury. [list] [*]Price of the tour through Speyer: 89 Euro (for the whole group) / entry for the cathedral treasury: 5 Euro (per person) [/list] [*]Guided tour through our brewery. Duration: 30 minutes, for groups up to 25 persons. [list] [*]30,00 € [/list] [/list] For furhter information concerning conferences or framework programs please contact our sales management, Mrs. Kling, tel: 06232-1329-98 or fax: 06232-1329-90 or e-mail